00.01. In The Beginning

This is the English version of BLOG "with the beatlele" in Japanese.
(Beatlele is now going to SAIL for the West on this blog ship.)

"I Want To Tell You" my stories about "A Day In The Life" ,which are inspired by song titles and/or lyrics of The Beatles.

You "Ask Me Why" I like The Beatles?
"Because", "I Saw them Standing There". "Yes, It Is".

This blog is not regularly updated.
This is "Because" I write a story "In My Life" only when I feel "I've Got A Feeling".
And "I Will" "Let It Be" and don't "Dig It", so I'm afraid that there is some contradiction or inconsistency between stories.

On "No Reply" basis to your comments or "The Word"s.
But "Don't Pass Me By". "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You"rs if they are "Something" funny or "Revolution"ary. "With A Little Help From My Friends", then my stories may be "Getting Better".

Actually I'm "Wait"ing for your "Help!".

( I" 've Got To Hide Your comment Away" if "I don't Feel Fine"or feel "I'm So Tired" or "Misery". )

This blog is a kind of "Magical Mystery Tour ".
("Because" of my capabilities of English and as a "Paperback Writer")
And you've got forced to have a "Ticket to Ride" on this blog ship already.(Of cource "You Never have to Give Me Your Money", and off-cource & "Long Long Long" may the tour go though.)
There now, "Roll up for the mystery tour!".

"I Wanna Be Your Man" even "When I'm Sixty-Four".
"CyberMock Writer" beatlele

"P.S. I love you."
And I would write stories with pictures like "In His Own Write", but only words "Because" of my capabilities of drawing and taking pictures.

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