00.02. Named After


Perhaps you can figure out that this is the coined word named after BEATles and ukuLELE(very simple) , if you read my profile.

*"BEAT" means hitting something at regular intervals or/and making a sound with keeping rhythm.

*Uku-lele is a Hawaiian word. Uku is a flea and "LELE" discribes something is jumping or out of range. Ukulele is small(like a flea) and has high tone but doesn't have precise pitch(jumping and out of range).

Then the coined word "beat-lele" indicates that my story says someshing with beat but "at not regular intervals" , "not with keeping rhythm" and "off-key".

In this blog, I'll make a monaural(personal and smug) story like a diary on beat-lele basis.

(And I have an alias. I resemble "BERT" of "Sesame Streat"(so I used that picure as my profile) , so My wife said " The word BERTlele describes you more correctly than BEATlele")

"Cyber mock Writer" beatlele or bertlele

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